Immigration Representation of

Individuals from All Around the World Seeking Asylum and Relief from Deportation/Removal from the United States

As the son of Hungarian immigrants himself, but also as a former government attorney who worked both at the Miami Immigration Court and the highest levels of Immigration at the United States Department of Justice, including writing final decisions at the Board of Immigration Appeals, the highest immigration tribunal in the United States, Mr. Hujber understands all sides and aspects of every immigration case – both personally and professionally. There is nothing Mr. Hujber will not do to obtain justice and a positive resolution for his clients.

Richard A Hujber

As an attorney practicing immigration law for nearly 25 years, Mr. Hujber, Esq. has won hundreds of complex cases, keeping thousands of people in the United States and together with their families. What makes Richard Hujber, Esq. and his law firm different and unique? His distinction comes from his ability to harness the power of his outstanding litigation skills, his personal and professional contacts, the media, political forces, and grassroots support to blaze new legal paths for his clients. He is known as “Fearless” and inspiring confidence in his clients because he takes on cases most other immigration attorneys will not, and wins nearly every one. There are no limits to his fearless dedication to his clients because he represents people who often live their lives in fear. He is an immigration litigation specialist who loves his work and his clients. He is also a humanitarian who invests his time and work in providing essential relief to many, including in Haiti after the earthquake (letter from Congressman Alcee Hastings) and in Guatemala to provide basic needs and education to people in dire need. CNN, NPR, NBC, including South Florida’s WPTV NBC Channel 5, and countless media outlets have turned to him for his expertise in immigration law.
Louzi Fiore - Immigration Attorney

Louize Fiore

Louize graduated with Cum Laude Honors from the University of Miami School of Law.  With her experience in the real estate market, mortgage, as well as in immigration, real estate, and business laws, Louize Fiore has been helping people throughout South Florida for over 16 years. 

In 2016, she published an article named Amending a Broken System: The Negative Effects of the United States’ Current Immigration Policies onto EB-5 Visa Petitioners. 3 Geo. U. Undergraduate L. Rev. 1 (2016).  This article discusses Immigration Laws and Rights under the EB5 Visa in the United States and proposed major legislative and judicial changes to the program in order to combat discriminatory and predatory practices against foreign investors. 

In 2017, the Immigration Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law also interviewed Louize Fiore for her work as an advocate against discriminatory and illegal practices in Immigration Detention Centers.  As a result of her work in the immigration field, she received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award by the University of Miami School of Law in December 2016.

She is the best person to handle your needs because her goal is to assist you in the immigration process while providing successful legal resolutions and protections for all your real state or business investments.

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